MA Limiting Court Hearings Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)


Removing a State Criminal Case to Federal Court

By: Simons Law Office 17 March, 2020

Open Container is Not a Crime in MA

By: Simons Law Office 24 February, 2020

MA might overturn 27,000 OUI convictions

By: Simons Law Office 24 February, 2020

Variances and Downward Departures in Federal Sentencing

By: Simons Law Office 9 November, 2019

Drug Addicts Need Treatment, Not Jail

By: Simons Law Office 1 August, 2019

Do I need a lawyer for arraignment in Massachusetts?

By: Simons Law Office 15 June, 2019

Getting a Domestic Violence Charge Dismissed MA

By: Simons Law Office 13 June, 2019

Terminating Probation Early

By: site-admin 20 May, 2019

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