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Excellent, charged with misdemeanor harassment, found not guilty. I had lots of information both positive to me and negative to the accuser. Joe kept it simple, sizing up the jury and keeping the arguments simple for them to make an informed decision based on the positive. aspects. I trusted he knew the way to read a jury better than I, and he did. In this # metoo era, I'm a 62 year old man being accused by a 38 year old woman and he won.

John C.

Great Criminal lawyer. my boyfriend was dealing with a case for two and a half years. Joseph B Simons and his team took on the case, which I thought was going to be a tough one to beat. Joe had no doubt that we where going to beat this case. Which we did we beat the case!!! A long process but Joe and his team worked with us with professionalism and compassion. We are truly grateful for everything Joe and his team has done for us throughout this scary process.

Darkis P.

Sara Attarchi of the Simons Law Office was nothing short of an excellent attorney.  She had all the qualities that are hard to find in a lawyer: she is caring, sympathetic, warm, professional, and easy to contact.  She kept me informed in every step of the way, and made me confident until my case got dismissed.

Adebisi A.

Through his knowledge of the system, Joe was able to get us an amazing outcome. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He gave my son the rest of his life without a record. Joe was very professional, yet personable and kind. He gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision and helped us understand the situation. He returned phone calls and emails very promptly and treated us as an important client.

Karen M.

Mr. Simons was so kind to help me do a few things and give wonderful advice on my situation. Im out of state a couple thousand miles away but Joe took the time needed to find out the facts and give me the peace of mind needed to move forward! I would recommend Mr. Simons to any and everyone in the Boston area looking for a great criminal defense attorney!

Garrett P.

Mr. Simons is an excellent lawyer.  I found myself in a pinch two weeks ago with a $200k bond.  Joseph came to my rescue.  He went in and completely obliterated the prosecution's argument.  He was so convincing that even the judge on the case said, "That was excellent lawyering.  Bail is $5k."  My family and I are extremely grateful for his assistance.

Chris V.

I was arrested on a trip to Boston.  I was charged with several counts.  While my actions were embarrassing, Mr. Simons at no point made me feel ashamed.  He represented me with the utmost professionalism, and in the end, managed to dismiss all charges.

Vasili S.

Attorney Simons couldn't have been more professional. His Knowledge of the law and the ability to translate while educating me on my options made it easy to trust. With attorney Simons he gave us his very best. With his perseverance and his negotiations, along with his reliability it proved we made the best choice. I'm thankful to Mr. Simons for the personal and professional way he handled the entire process. The outcome of my case saved my family in so many ways.

Anthony F.

Attorney Joseph Simons is an amazing attorney - I had several attorney choices to choose from but I chose Joseph because I knew he was the right guy to defend me.  I ended up with a kind, intelligent man who stuck by my side until the end - mostly I want to thank him for his guidance, for his understanding, his interest in my case, his belief that I was worth being his client.  Joe is a lawyer who keeps in contact with his clients at all times and I praise him for his legal skills - but he made an impression on me that softened the stress. I am a stronger, better person - optimistic and confident because attorney Joseph Simons was my attorney.

Tony B.

I had such a great experience working with Sara Attarchi. She is intelligent, kind, attentive, thorough, and dedicated to her work. She took care of my legal troubles quickly and because of her experience, skill, and knowledge of the law the outcome was beyond what I thought possible. Words are not enough to express my appreciation for all Sara has done for me and my family. She is amazing!

Kate S.

Joe was an incredible attorney from the moment he picked up the phone. It's clear that he cares about his clients and their well-being. He touches bases throughout the process, works with you to make sure you're prepared and you understand the situation. He works around the clock to make sure he knows the case as well as he can. When it came time for the hearing, he walked in prepared for anything. He goes through his argument without missing a beat, and he makes sure he walks in with the best argument possible. He does all of this while ensuring you're a part of the process and that you're on board with what he's going to say, not say, and how he'll approach it.

Jordan M.

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