Bomb Threat Charges

Bomb Threat Charges

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Making a bomb threat is no small prank.  If you’re charged with making a bomb threat in Massachusetts, you can expect the police and prosecutors to take your case seriously.  Bomb threat charges are considered so severe that a conviction can lead to a 20-year prison sentence and up to a $50,000 fine.

There have been a number of high-profile bomb threats directed toward schools and universities lately.  School officials are increasingly vigilant, and police are utilizing the latest technology to track down perpetrators.  If you are facing charges relating to a bomb threat, you need a high quality criminal defense attorney.

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Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269, Section 14 explains that:

(c) Whoever willfully communicates or causes to be communicated such a threat thereby causing either the evacuation or serious disruption of a school, school related event, school transportation, or a dwelling, building, place of assembly, facility or public transport, or an aircraft, ship or common carrier, or willfully communicates or causes serious public inconvenience or alarm, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than 3 years nor more than 20 years or imprisonment in the house of correction for not less than 6 months nor more than 21/2 years, or by fine of not less than $1,000 nor more than $50,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(d) The court shall, after conviction, conduct a hearing to ascertain the extent of costs incurred, damages and financial loss suffered by an individual, public or private entity and the amount of property damage caused as a result of the defendant’s crime. A person found guilty of violating this section shall, in all cases, in addition to any other punishment, be ordered to make restitution to the individual, public or private entity for any costs incurred, damages and financial loss sustained as a result of the commission of the crime. Restitution shall be imposed in addition to incarceration or fine, and not in lieu thereof, however, the court shall consider the defendant’s present and future ability to pay in its determinations regarding a fine. In determining the amount, time and method of payment of restitution, the court shall consider the financial resources of the defendant and the burden restitution will impose on the defendant.

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