Criminal Charges & Immigration Consequences

Criminal Charges & Immigration Consequences

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Boston Criminal Charges Lawyer / Masschusetts Immigration Attorney

For many people facing criminal charges in Massachusetts, the potential penalties go well beyond the threat of incarceration. Anyone who is not a United States citizen might contend with far more serious consequences, including deportation from the United States, lifetime banishment, and the inability to naturalize.

Part of my representation is making sure my clients understand how criminal charges and convictions might impact their immigration status. The immigration consequences of a criminal conviction are sometimes the most important considerations when deciding to plea or go to trial. As a criminal defense attorney, I regularly represent immigrants facing criminal charges. I have a network of attorneys who specialize in immigration law, who I consult with, and I can provide referrals when necessary to handle immigration proceedings. If my clients already have an immigration attorney, I am available to coordinate legal services with that attorney.

Under United States federal law, certain criminal offenses are automatically deportable. These include drug distribution, domestic violence, and crimes of moral turpitude. I understand the importance of examining the effects of federal immigration laws on the precise criminal charges my clients are facing.

I have assisted clients in securing favorable outcomes even after being convicted, in some cases several years after their original case ended. Certain situations allow for post-trial motions to reopen a case and reverse the convictions. If you have received improper advice about immigration consequences and are facing deportation or exclusion from the United States, I may be able to help.

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