Gambling Charges

Gambling Charges


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The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Gaming Enforcement Division prosecutes gambling offenses in Massachusetts.  Since the Expanded Gaming Act of 2011, there have been a growing number of prosecutions for gaming-related financial crimes, organized crimes, corruption, and money laundering.

Our award-winning defense attorneys are ready to protect your rights.  We have experience going head-to-head with the Attorney General’s Office on tough cases.

Gambling Charges Defense Attorneys

Our criminal defense attorneys routinely traverse Massachusetts, fighting against overzealous prosecutions of our clients. The stakes are high, and we believe that every one of our clients deserves the best possible representation.

Among the charges routinely prosecuted, the following charges are often brought in conjunction with gaming enforcement cases:

  • Organizing or promoting gambling facilities or services (aka Gaming Enterprise, Manage)
  • Place for registering bets or dealing in pools; owner or occupant; custodian or depository (aka Betting, Take/Allow/Present At)
  • Unlawful conduct or operation of game or gaming device (aka Gaming Act – Conducting Gaming Devices)
  • Money laundering (aka Money Laundering, Transaction to Avoid Reporting Requirement)
  • Conspiracy

Gaming Enforcement Defense Lawyers

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Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office Gaming Enforcement Division

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 271, Section 16A

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 271, Section 17

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 23K, Section 37

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 274, Section 7

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