Outstanding Warrants

Outstanding Warrants


Boston Old Warrants / MA Default Warrants / Massachusetts Default Warrants

If you have an outstanding warrant in Massachusetts, I can help. Old warrants can cause a number of issues if left unresolved. An arrest warrant can prevent you from renewing or obtaining a driver’s license, or from qualifying to receive government benefits. I regularly help clients from around the country to resolve old Massachusetts warrants. Whether you live here in Massachusetts, or have long since relocated, you need an experienced defense attorney to help you move on with your life.

Having a default or arrest warrant puts you at risk for being detained for even minor infractions. For instance, if you get pulled over for speeding, you could be arrested on the spot. If you’re in another state, the police may detain you as a fugitive from justice. Don’t wait to get arrested – I can help you get started today.

I have helped clients with both arrest and default warrants. The same consequences apply to both, as does the process for resolving the case. They do, however, differ in their origins:

An Arrest Warrant is issued at the beginning of a criminal case, when charges are initially filed against you.

A Default Warrant is issued for failing to appear in court for a criminal proceeding, and can occur at any point during the case. A default warrant can also issue for failing to comply with the terms of your probation – sometimes known as a probation violation warrant.

In most cases, you will have to appear in court to resolve the outstanding warrant. However, I have been able to get cases dismissed without my clients ever having to appear in court. At the very least, having a high quality Boston, MA criminal defense attorney will make the process as smooth as possible. I handle the preliminary work – from obtaining court documents to negotiating with prosecutors to arrange a resolution.

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