Unsealing Records

Unsealing Records


Unseal Criminal Records in Massachusetts / How to Unseal Your Criminal Record in Boston

Massachusetts allows for certain criminal records to be sealed, and many people utilize that process in order to move on with their lives. After all, a criminal record can interfere with your ability to get a decent job, obtain professional licensure, or even rent an apartment. Attorney Joseph B. Simons helps clients to seal records throughout Massachusetts, in order to move on with their lives. However, there are instances where people find themselves needing to unseal a previously sealed criminal record. Attorney Simons can help.

You may need to unseal a record because you are applying for a license to carry, or because you are applying for citizenship and need a certified docket sheet from your case. An experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney can file a motion on your behalf and argue in court to persuade the judge to allow your case to be reopened. Attorney Simons has been able to convince the judge to allow a temporary unsealing – so that a client can retrieve copies of the necessary documents – and then re-seal the case forever. Contact Attorney Simons to learn about unsealing your case today.

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