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No matter what charges you’re facing, they’re serious. Whether you are defending against charges in district or superior court, you have a lot at stake. Federal crimes, however, are the generally the most severe in terms of your potential punishment. Federal sentencing guidelines are notoriously harsh. If you are convicted, you can expect a significant prison sentence. Therefore, you need a strong Boston criminal defense attorney to fight your federal charges.

You might find yourself charged in U.S. District Court for any number of offenses, including kidnapping, drug trafficking, bank robbery, or white-collar crimes. Maybe the FBI or another federal agency contacted you to ask about a friend or colleague. Don’t say anything to them without an attorney. The laws governing federal criminal charges are as complex as they are harsh. People who try to clear their name and speak voluntarily with investigators often end up facing federal criminal charges. You may not even realize that you are under investigation. If a federal agent contacted you, contact a Boston criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

Once you are officially charged, it can take several months to a year or more to resolve a federal case. This undoubtedly causes stress and uncertainty. I make myself available to clients throughout the process, and calm fears by answering questions and explaining the process. No attorney can guarantee results, and I don’t sugarcoat the circumstances you’re facing. However, I find that my clients feel better when they understand what to expect and confident knowing that their criminal defense attorney is fighting hard for them.

If you’re facing federal criminal charges or think you may be under investigation, call me today for a free phone consultation as a Boston criminal defense lawyer for federal charges.

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