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Federal Firearms Charges

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Charged with a Firearm Offense in Federal Court? The penalties of a conviction are severe. Arm yourself with a high-quality Boston firearms and guns lawyer.

Federal laws provide severe penalties for firearms used by violent offenders or in the context of drug trafficking. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon can lead to a ten-year prison sentence. If the defendant has already been convicted of three violent felonies or drug trafficking offenses, the punishment is dramatically increased to a mandatory minimum of fifteen years imprisonment. These serious punishments can be combated with help from an experienced Boston firearms and defense lawyer like Joseph B. Simons.

Federal gun charges can be filed whenever a firearm is used or carries during the course of a violent or drug trafficking crime. The enhanced punishments under Title 18, section 924(c) are often used by federal prosecutors, especially when the defendant is suspected of gang activity. An example of the tremendous consequences of these charges: a defendant convicted of robbing two banks while using a firearm could face twenty-five years in prison just for the firearms offenses (in addition to the bank robbery consequences). If the defendant robs three banks in the above-scenario, the firearms conviction could lead to forty-five years in prison.

The use of a shotgun or assault weapon adds ten years imprisonment to a violent crime. If an automatic weapon, silencer or destructive device is used, thirty years imprisonment is added to the underlying charges.

These are just a few examples of firearms charges often filed in federal court. As you can see, a conviction for any federal gun offense is truly life altering. Don’t risk your future. Call Boston firearms and guns lawyer Joseph B. Simons today. I serve clients across Massachusetts.


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