Uttering a Counterfeit Note

Uttering a Counterfeit Note

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Counterfeit Defense Attorney in Boston, MA

Uttering, or trying to pay with, a fake $20, $50, $100, or any other bill, is a serious crime in Massachusetts. If you are caught, the police will charge you with this felony. A conviction carries the potential for a 5-year state prison sentence. You need an experienced criminal attorney to provide a vigorous defense.

Trying to explain your way out of an Uttering accusation can lead to trouble. Law enforcement thoroughly investigates these claims, which can include interview requests by the Secret Service. Unfortunately, unsuspecting people get tangled up in Uttering schemes without even intending to commit a crime. Whether you are innocent or not, you won’t do yourself any favors by speaking with investigators without an attorney.

A conviction requires the prosecution to prove:

  • That you tried to pass a fake check, cash, or other money as if it was real;
  • That the check, cash, or other money was forged;
  • That you knew it was forged; and
  • That you passed or attempted to pass it with the specific intent to injure or defraud someone.

There are defenses to Uttering charges, and an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. Charged with Uttering a Counterfeit Note? Call me today at (781) 797-0555 for a free phone consultation to get started.

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Source: M.G.L. c 267 § 10



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