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A portion of our practice is dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs, as well as their families.  I represent families of children with a wide range of exceptionalities, including emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, developmental delays, physical disabilities, and other social or communication impairments.

As the father of three, including a daughter with special needs, I understand the IEP process from your point of view.  I also understand that parents are often trying to balance limited financial resources with the need to ensure that their children are provided with proper educational services.

School districts may hold their ground when dealing directly with parents, but the reality is that schools don’t want to litigate any more than parents do.  It is not uncommon for team meetings to become much more cooperative and productive once the parents get an advocate or an attorney involved.

After spending several years advocating for my daughter to be in an appropriate setting, our school district finally agreed to pay for an out-of-district placement.  During this time, I discovered that many other parents are dealing with similar issues.  To assist my daughter more effectively, and to serve other families, I became a parent advocate through the Federation for Children with Special Needs.

Special education law can be complex, and legislation is constantly being updated.  As an attorney, I can be your formal representative throughout every step of the IEP process.  Or if you prefer, I can provide advice and assistance as needed along the way.  Informed parents have the best probability of ensuring their children have access to appropriate placements and support from the school district.  To that end, I make sure that the families understand each step of the process, and their options.

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